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J.V. Medical International Company

Used Medical Equipment Acquisition and Sales


J.V. Medical Equipment International provides top quality used and refurbished Medical Equipment and Parts across all major   manufacturers. We take great pride in our cost-effective approach to state-of-the-art medical equipment solutions; our ability to expertly manage projects, and; in our service and support.

J.V. Medical guarantees complete customer satisfaction through every step of the process. We keep our promises, deliver value-added  benefits, and work hard to maximize your investment. J.V. Medial enjoys the best reputation in the industry, realizing that every time we sell a system and every time we provide a service, our character and reputation are on the line.

Types Products Available
Anesthesia, Diagnostic Equipment, Blanket Warmers, Clinical Lab,Cardiac Diagnostic Sets, EKG Machines, Endoscopy and Laparoscopy, Infant Care, Furniture Medical, General Medical, Exam Medical, Surgical Monitors, Sterilization Equipment, Surgical Equipment, Respiratory Equipment. Plus special requests to meet your needs!

J.V. Medical has a whole warehouse full of medical equipment to meet your specific needs. Below are just a few pictures of the types of equipment that we carry. To find out what specific products will fit your needs please call us today at 209-613-2263.

Exam Chairs
Surgical Tables
IV/Respirator Machines
Cast Carts
Infant Care and Beds
Surgical Tables
Blanket Warmers
Surgical Lights
IV Stand
Diagnostic Sets
Anesthesia Equipment
EKG Machines
Hospital Beds
  Items shown are an example of products carried in warehouse, please call us to see if we have a specific product to meet your specific needs.
J.V. Medical International Company
P.O. Box 185
Riverbank, CA 95367    
Office: 209-863-0559
Cell: 209-613-2263
 Email: jdw161@yahoo.com